Mercedes-Benz AMG® Driving Performance

One Man, One Engine. Some Things Can’t Be Mass Produced

From the beginning, the “One Man, One Engine” philosophy has guided AMG®’s® approach to manufacturing. Even now, every AMG® engine is hand built from start to finish by one of about 50 AMG® Master Engine Builders in a special facility.

As the final step in the assembly process, the engine-maker affixes a plaque engraved with his signature to the engine cover. It’s an enduring reminder that even the heart of a Mercedes-AMG® has a soul.

Performance: A Time Effort

While the hand-built engines usually steal the spotlight, the AMG® approach to raising heart rates is anything but one-dimensional. It’s about using all the weapons in the engineering arsenal to create a high-performance driving experience that’s simply without equal.

Power Delivery

With each successive generation, AMG® engines produce more muscle more efficiently, thanks to constant innovation in areas such as turbocharging and direct injection. But it’s the job of AMG® transmissions to refine that power and deliver it with both speed and precision. Advanced gearboxes, up to four selectable driving modes, and racing-derived features including dual- or multi-clutch technology are more than up to the task.


In a Mercedes-AMG®, everything from weight distribution and wheel design to load transfer and frame rigidity has been engineered for responsiveness. AMG® suspensions feature exclusive components and hardware, not to mention sophisticated architecture honed over years on the track. Likewise, AMG® braking systems employ technologies from the world of racing like heat-conquering compound discs and carbon-ceramic construction.


At AMG®, what you hear when you put your foot down is just as important as what you feel. More than just tuned for performance, AMG® exhaust systems are acoustically tuned to unleash the muscular growl of AMG® engines during acceleration and downshifts, as well as when you fire the ignition. At cruising speeds, you’re treated to a mellow yet throaty reminder of the power within.

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