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October 18th, 2021 by

From Bean To Bar

Our First. Class. Access. VIP program strives to provide our clients with new and exciting perks. One of our most recent partners we get to collaborate with is Xocolla Chocolate Crafters.

This handcrafted world class chocolate is made in small batches from bean to bar right here in Sugar Land, Texas. They work hard with small farmers and reputable brokers to bring their consumers the best ingredients. Their chocolates can be bought online or in local groceries stores such as Central Market, Whole Foods and Phoenicia’s. Try out their handcrafted chocolate today and unlock your special perk!

Perk: Receive a 25% discount on the first purchase + free shipping nationwide on purchases over $30 from our online store & 10% discount on subsequent purchases + free shipping nationwide on purchases over $30 from our online store. Contact Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land ([email protected]) with first/last name and phone number to receive exclusive code to apply at checkout.  

If you are a customer of Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land and would like to subscribe to our First. Class. Access. VIP program, please submit your registration below. Once your information is verified in our database, you will receive your VIP card in the mail and will be subscribed to our email updates that include notices of special events, offers, and exciting giveaways!