5 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Mercedes-Benz and Not a Bull

March 21st, 2016 by

Mercedes-BenzIt’s Rodeo season, so we were feeling a bit inspired. Here are 5 reasons why you should ride a Mercedes-Benz and not a bull.

1. Smell.

A Mercedes-Benz new car smell vs. a Bull’s… fragrance. Need we say more?

2. A Mercedes-Benz won’t buck you off.

The GL 450 paired with the On/Off Road package will keep you secure up to a 70% incline, while the G-Wagon will keep you secure up to an 80% incline – let’s see you hang on to a bull with that high of a kick.

3. The more love and attention you give your Benz the more it’ll love you back.

The bulls are given love and attention, yes, but as soon as you hop on they’re ready to buck you back off. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are always happy to give you a ride as long as they are given the proper TLC when needed.

4. Safety is a priority.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles always have your safety in mind with thousands of safety patents that have set standards for the automotive industry. Bulls, on the other hand, are ready and able to knock your lights out in less than 8 seconds.

5. Mercedes-Benz are built for comfort.

Chaps, hardhats, and safety vests are not required attire in your Mercedes-Benz. And, instead of wrapping your hand around a saddle and cutting off your circulation, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have automatically adjusting seat-belts with the PRESAFE® package that keep you comfortably secure. Mercedes-Benz vehicle interiors are designed with your comfort in mind, some vehicles even include massages chairs – we’d like to see a bull with that feature.

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