Apps to Make Summer Survival Easier

May 11th, 2016 by

While an app won’t reduce the intense temperatures expected this summer, they can provide structure, stimulation, or a scholarly distraction from the heat.  Our smartphones have become another limb on our bodies and why not upgrade their effectiveness with an app for planning a vacation, activities for the kids or a reminder of how many days are left until school is back in session.

rockclock 50x50The Rock Clock: Don’t let the lack of school structure slow down your morning, in fact The Rock won’t let you. Enter a personal goal, set your alarm and wake up with a new message from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson himself. This is the perfect alarm, it doesn’t even have a snooze button. Also available on Android, click here.

scribd 50x50Scribd: Leave the book at home. You know your phone will be pool-side with you so why not make use of it. Scribd is a like Netflix for books. For only $9 a month you have access to millions of ebooks, comic books, and audiobooks at your fingertips.

motif 50x50Motif: Can’t stop thinking about your portfolio while away? Itching to test the market? Motif is a next-generation online broker offering themed investing. The platform is built by your choices, intuitively, and provides tips and insights as well.

doordash 50x50DoorDash: Whether you are starting your day at home or winding down for the night while away, DoorDash can ease the task of preparing a meal. Order delivery or pickup from just about anywhere so that energy is preserved and clean up is simple.

fieldtripn 50x50Field Trip or AroundMe: FT – For the curoious mind, Field Trip will satisfy the love of learning and exploring. Discover places around you and received notices of deals as well as suggestions to others for locations to visit. AM – The name says it all. From parking to entertainment and almost anything else you can think of, AM presents a clean interface for a robust presntation of information.

hitlist 50x50Hitlist: Like to travel? Welcome to your next download. Hitlist will ask where you want to go and where you’ve been. From there the app will start sending you flight fares to your favorite spots and even suggest places to visit. You can plan group trips or keep it to your itinerary.

project noah 50x50Project Noah: Train the little ones to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Project Noah is an app that allows adults and children to connect and document wildlife using the platform as a newly crowned citizen scientist. Available on iTunes.

sky guide 50x50Sky Guide: Trace the night sky with your expert finger as an educated astronomer. Sky Guide will teach you how to spot constellations, planets and even satellites by pointing your phone toward the sky.

rootsrated 50x50RootsRated: Locate nearby outdoor adventures, trails, bike routes, or swimming spots including how to find your destination, where to park and reviews from experts.

getmyboat 50x50GetMyBoat: Think HomeAway for boats. With over 30,000 crafts – from kayaks and fishing boats to sailboats and yachts (with a global presence), GetMyBoat makes a day on the water a much more feasible endeavor. Also available on Android, click here.

back2school 50x50Back 2 School Countdown: Open the app to get a clear idea of much longer the kids will be stirring up messes in the house or complaining about how bore they are.

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