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March 17th, 2020 by


Tree-to-cup Experience

Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land appreciates our First. Class. Access. partner: BlendIn Coffee Club. BlendIn brings an incredible amount of flavor to the Sugar Land community through their endless passion for attaining the perfect cup and offering world-class education on the art of coffee. As part of Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land’s First. Class. Access. program, BlendIn Coffee Club offers our clients:

  • 20% off any limited offering single origin coffee
  • 20% off private cupping events ($32 per person, $280 if booked in group of 10)
  • 20% off for any Foundation level SCA certification classes including:
    • Introduction to Coffee
    • Sensory Skills Foundation
    • Barista Skills Foundation
    • Brewing Foundation
    • Roasting Foundation
    • Green Coffee Foundation
  • Exclusive invitations to BlendIn Coffee Club’s private events including internal Barista Competition and Latte Art Throwdown.

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More about BlendIn Coffee Club:

Located at: 8410 US-90 ALT Bldg B, Sugar Land, TX 77478 |  (346) 368-2871

“Our mission is to provide the best experience we can to every person along the coffee’s tree-to-cup adventure, from our customers to our employees, and finally to the individual farmers. Each coffee is traceable back to a specific country, region, farm, even a specific lot. The un-roasted coffee beans are evaluated before arriving at BlendIn, where they are roasted freshly in-store and brewed with love!”