Fox 26 Takes a Spin with Brand Ambassador Kory Enders

June 15th, 2017 by

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Professional driver and brand ambassador, Kory Enders, interviewed with Fox 26 reporter Ruben Dominguez at the MSR Houston track and gave Ruben a session of driving instruction in some of our high performance vehicles. Showcasing the Mercedes-Benz SLS and McLaren Sport Series, Enders was able to share what the sport of racing means to him and how our dealerships translate that to the community and the valued clients we serve.

If you missed the live segment on Fox 26 with Ruben a few weeks ago, we have a few key highlights from the interview right here!

Ruben: This young man right here is the brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land and McLaren Houston, tell me what kind of job is a brand ambassador?

Kory: There are many different aspects, but one of the main roles I take on is whenever we have clients who have purchased a high performance vehicle, in particular McLarens, we will invite them down to the track so they can experience our cars first-hand. I am able to train and coach them on how to properly drive on a race track and fully experience the capabilities of these vehicles.

Ruben: How long have you been racing?

Kory: I have been racing for 13, almost 14 years now. I started when I was only 6 years old racing go-karts. My dad always wanted to be a race car driver and I think that enthusiasm was passed down to me and I’m glad it was!

Stay tuned for more events, appearances, and racing updates for our brand ambassador Kory Enders!


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