Holiday De-Cluttering Rules

March 21st, 2016 by

declutterWith 2015 in the history books it’s time to look at 2016 with a clear view and clean home. So, we’ve compiled some simple rules to help you clear out the clutter and start the new year with a fresh, clutter-free, organized outlook.

1. Receive One, Toss One

For each gift received, toss or donate at least two older items.

2. Holiday Mailing Box Challenge

For every item that was delivered to your door this holiday, take the empty box it came in and fill them all with donations, such as, old linens, books, old movies, etc.

3. Out With The Old

As you take down your décor this year go through the unused ornaments or tree toppers you left at the bottom of the boxes and get rid of the old, outdated, or non-functional items. Another rule of thumb to follow is to eliminate multiples, so for example, if you have five holiday platters pick your favorite and stick with that each year.

4. Updated Wardrobe

Clothes are a commonplace gift during the holidays. Go through your old wardrobe and anything that you have not worn in the last year can be passed down or put in the Garage Sale box. If it has been longer than 2 years, then consider donating the clothing. A refined closet is refreshing to the soul.

5. Clean House

Once the clutter is clear – start 2016 fresh and invigorated by cleaning the house from top-to-bottom. You’ll feel ready for a clutter-free and organized new year.

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