Honoring Our Mother | Bertha Benz

This Mother’s Day we want to honor the “mother” of Mercedes-Benz; Bertha Benz. Born in 1849, Bertha Benz was born into an age when women were denied access to many things. However, that didn’t squash her determination to show that mothers and females are capable of some pretty amazing things. After marrying Karl Benz, she invested her entire fortune into building his company as she knew what a success it could be. 

Throughout the decades of hard work and setbacks, Karl Benz had his wife Bertha by his side and became the inventor of the automobile. Unbeknownst to her husband Karl, Bertha coaxed the Benz Patent Motor Car forward and set out on the first long-distance automobile drive. Accompanied by her two sons, Bertha began the 60 mile journey to Pforzheim on unpaved roads. She had to fill the gas tank every 15-20 miles and even had some issues along the way such as a leaky valve or a worn down brake pad. However, Bertha created some ingenious solutions and never gave up.

With her determination and perseverance, the automobile became one of the most important cultural advances of the 20th century. Bertha Benz showed so many of us to never give up and to keep persevering. So, to all of the mother’s out their; Happy Mother’s Day. Just like our “mother”, Bertha Benz, your hard work and bravery never goes unnoticed.

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