Make It Shine With Superior Car Care

August 10th, 2017 by

Keep your vehicle looking like new with specially formulated shampoo, paint cleaner, polish, and other products from the Mercedes-Benz Car Care Product Collection. Each product is meticulously designed to clean, protect, and maintain the original Mercedes-Benz appearance.

From dust and dirt to more grating contaminants like road grime and tree sap, maintaining the exterior of your Mercedes-Benz requires careful cleaning. We recommend using Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products, available at our Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land Boutique, for the best results.

Vehicle Wash Tips

Remove loose contaminants that have not bonded to the paint finish by washing your Mercedes-Benz using a vehicle shampoo, such as Mercedes-Benz Car Shampoo, and water:

  • Mix one ounce (approx. four capfuls) of car shampoo per gallon of water
  • Rinse the entire vehicle with a strong spray of water
  • Starting at the top, wash one section of the vehicle at a time using a soft, clean sponge, towel or sheepskin wash mitt. Rinse both the vehicle and the wash mitt thoroughly before you continue to the next section
  • After a final overall rinse, wipe your vehicle dry with a natural chamois or 100% terry toweling (use of any type of toweling other than thick nap, clean, 100% cotton terry cloth may cause swirl marks)

Note: Never wash the vehicle unless it is cool and in the shade, and avoid using dish-washing detergents, which may cause paint to fade and oxidize. We recommend the use of Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products.


Restore a smooth finish prior to polishing your Mercedes-Benz by using Mercedes-Benz Paint Cleaner to remove surface oxidation, stains or blemishes that did not wash off in Step One:

  • Apply a liberal amount of paint cleaner to a clean terry cloth or sponge applicator
  • Work one section at a time, rubbing the product thoroughly and evenly into the finish
  • When dry, wipe with a clean terry towel to restore a smooth finish prior to polishing and waxing


For exceptional protection for your Mercedes-Benz, we recommend polishing your vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Paint Care. Paint Care can help to remove light surface problems and polishes your vehicle´s finish to a brilliant high gloss, coating it with a complex layer of waxes, silicones, polymers, and resins.

  • Use a sponge applicator or soft cotton terry cloth to apply Paint Care evenly to the entire vehicle, one section at a time
  • Remove residue with another soft towel

As a leader in the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land has a desire for excellence that extends far beyond the engineering of a superior vehicle, it is a quality that extends to our accessories and car care products. Exclusively produced in Germany for Mercedes-Benz, these fast-acting and easy-to-use products offer environmentally safe and long-lasting protection and are available for individual purchase at our dealership, as well as, the exclusive Exterior Car Care Kit which includes Car Shampoo, Light-Alloy Wheel Cleaner with brush, Car Sponge and a Car Care Cloth, all neatly packed into a Mercedes-Benz Leisure Bag.


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