MBSL Community Spotlight: Tori Williams

January 17th, 2017 by

As a member of the community, Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land takes pride in highlighting those around us who have taken steps to improve their life and the lives of others.

Tori Williams, a Sugar Land resident since 1999, chose a career path whose influence reaches back to her childhood. Growing up she had family members who were in need of immediate medical service. She witnessed the passion that the firefighters and those who helped her family, had for their job and the well-being of those they served. It was in those moments that Tori realized what she had to do.

Another source of inspiration that propelled Tori into the field of being a firefighter is her father. “My father has always been a huge influence on me in life,” says Williams. “Working long hour days and coming home to our family with a positive attitude and a smile on his face made an impression on me (added to make it a complete sentence). He has worked so hard for everything he’s achieved.”

Providing care and service is not something she treats lightly. When asked what other careers she has considered, there are none. Being a firefighter is not just a job she thought about it is a career she has the same passion for that those individuals displayed to her family many years ago.

“I wanted a career where I’d be providing for others,” said Tori. “ I’ve always believed that one of the most fulfilling things you can do in your life is to help save someone else’s.”

The journey has not been without challenges. During her quest for certification, Tori endured many hurdles throughout EMS school. She was fresh out of high school and placed with people who have much more experience, the mental obstacle was a difficult task to overcome. Williams knew that her work habits and commitment to education had to match her passion.

“Knowing this career isn’t easy,” she said, “but still managing to pull through and make something out of myself in life gives me the utmost satisfaction. Anything worth doing will come with struggle. This career is challenging, but so unbelievably rewarding. This career is about passion, you have to want it. Being that I am a woman, in a traditionally male dominated field, I would say you need to trust in yourself. The only physical and mental limitations you have are not by other’s expectations of you but your own. My drive is strong, I will endure the hurdles that come my way. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to do something I love.”

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