A Proud Sponsor of the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center

April 14th, 2016 by

Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land is proud to be a permanent sponsor of the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center — a special project of the Children’s Museum of Houston — opening May 28.

Rendering 990W

This Fort Bend landmark will house a dynamic learning environment for children and their families including the MBSL Precision Center. Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land is excited to contribute the support needed so that the Discovery Center can provide approximately 57% of visitors with free or reduced admissions, enabling families to benefit from hands-on exhibits and innovative programming.

The dynamic Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land Precision Car Center will be located inside the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center’s largest and most popular exhibit: Kidtropolis. Visitors will have the opportunity to simulate, in a child-appropriate way, Mercedes-Benz’s innovative and precision approach to the manufacturing and design of its vehicles. Emulating Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land’s state-of-the-art facility, the Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land Precision Center will use immersive interaction to reinforce learning in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts/design, and math) disciplines.

The interactive exhibit will include a Car Design station where children will use design tools to express their new car ideas, an Assembly Bench to build steering and suspension models, an Inspection Bay to examine the car for “flaws”, and a Crash Test Simulation to evaluate model cars and their ability to withstand a variety of scenarios.

Aside from their high-profile involvement with the Discovery Center, Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land has partnered with well over 20 community groups, schools and non-profit organizations, culminating in a multi-million dollar investment directly benefiting the local area.

Rendering: MBSL Precision Center Service Bay Area

Watch the E-Class Cabriolet get cut in half for display in the MBSL Precision Center Exhibit>

precision center rendering

About The Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center

Mirrored after the award-winning Children’s Museum of Houston, the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center will be housed in a 10,000 square foot repurposed historical building on Highway 90 in Sugar Land. Inside the Discovery Center, six exhibits will be managed as platforms for learning for children from birth to 12 years, with specific measurable educational outcomes for each. Each exhibit will be focused on a quintessential childhood question such as “Where Does It Come From?”, “How Does it Work?” and “Can I Solve That?”

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