Mercedes-AMG® E 43 and E 63 S SEDANS

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Every E-Class is a masterpiece of innovation. The E-Class AMG® sedans take the high art of driving to entirely new heights. Fortified, sharpened and polished to reset the bar for brilliance, the 396-hp AMG® E 43 and new 603-hp AMG® E 63 are performance, remastered.

AMG®: Driving performance for 50 years

In an old mill in 1967, two automotive engineers with a passion for motorsports began turning Mercedes-Benz sedans into winning racecars. Today, as the performance division of Mercedes-Benz, AMG® continues to create victory on the track and desire on the streets of the world. Every Mercedes-AMG® vehicle is the product of craftsmen, designers and engineers who live to test limits, and for a singular goal: Driving Performance.

Born to perform, developed to outperform

A Mercedes-AMG® engine only starts with the state of the art. From there, everything from fuel pressure to exhaust routing is developed to quicken, heighten and intensify its response, and yours. Developed for AMG®’s racecars, patented NANOSLIDE® cylinder walls cut friction, raising endurance and power.

Nine speeds, geared for success

Quick-shifting 9-speed transmissions put a mountain of torque at your feet, and your fingertips. Both the multiclutch AMG® SPEEDSHIFT® MCT in the E 63 S and the E 43’s AMG®-enhanced 9G-TRONIC offer multiple modes and can downshift multiple gears.

Biturbo power, to boost your emotions

AMG® enhancements from bigger turbos to lower friction boost the E 43’s biturbo V6 to nearly 400 hp, good for 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. With a pair of twin-scroll turbos, the handcrafted AMG® V8 in the E 63 S sets new E-Class records: over 600 hp, and 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. [1]

Many modes, from drive to drift

AMG® Performance 4MATIC® turns torque into traction and agility. The E 43’s 31:69 rear bias quickens takeoffs and clings to corners. New variable-torque 4MATIC®+ powers the E 63 S out of corners, and has a full-RWD “Drift” mode. The many modes of AMG® DYNAMIC SELECT let you dial in shifting, handling and more.

Behind the wheel, ahead of the curve

A widescreen dash with exclusive AMG® performance readouts keeps you informed. Deeply bolstered seats and a thick flat-bottom steering wheel keep you in control. And from the exquisite finishes to the exhilarating power at hand, it all comes together to put you in charge.

Massive in size, light in weight

Precision-crafted AMG® wheels are substantial, stylish, and staggered in width. Along with the standard 19-inch E 43 and 20-inch E 63 S wheels, each model offers four 20-inch options. All of them highlight the aggressive AMG® bodywork and big AMG® brakes, including a Carbon Ceramic option for the E 63 S.

Distinctive style, distinguishing details

Exclusive appointments make an AMG® cabin even more enthralling. Supportive seats are hand-fitted in supple upholstery. Options range from red seat belts to shell-style AMG® Performance seats. Any of eight materials can trim the wavelike dash and doors, including carbon fiber or intriguing woven metal.


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