Mercedes-Benz does the League Justice

October 20th, 2017 by

Superhero fans are eager to see their favorite characters on screen together this November in the new film “Justice League”. Mercedes-Benz also has a starring role in the film with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) driving the  E-Class Cabriolet and Bruce Wayne (Ben Affeleck) behind the wheel of the the AMG® Vision Gran Turismo concept.

The GT concept was updated for the movie and now features a full interior with racing seats and a “virtual dashboard.” Because of Ben Affeleck’s height (6’4″), Mercedes-Benz had to recreate the concept car and expand it by 10 percent. When the concept was debuted, the AMG® Vision Gran Turismo packed a 585-horsepower V8, tasked with moving just 3,053 pounds of aluminum and carbon fiber. It has striking gullwing doors as a subtle nod to predecessors the 300 SL and SLS AMG®.

If you can’t wait until November 17 to see “Justice League” then hop into the AMG® Vision Gran Turismo on your Playstation 3 to take it for a spin.

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