Mercedes-Benz Mileage Award

May 11th, 2016 by

How far have you driven your Mercedes-Benz?

If you have driven over 155K miles in your Mercedes-Benz you may qualify for the Mercedes-Benz mileage award.

The high mileage award was started in the 1960’s in order to recognize the vehicles still on the road that had surpassed the 100K mile mark, some even reaching an outstanding 1 million miles.

In order to qualify you need to fill out the application and have driven at least 155,000 miles in your vehicle.  The mileage must be verified at your local dealer. Once verified, the Mercedes-Benz classic center will send a certificate along with the grille badge that can be place on your well-kept vehicle as a badge of honor.

You can have your vehicle verified here, at Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land, if you have a qualifying number of miles!

High Mileage Award Milestones:

  • 155,000 miles
  • 312,000 miles
  • 466,000 miles
  • 625,000 miles
  • 1,000,000 miles


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