Mercedes-Benz & The Environment

April 14th, 2016 by

In honor of Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd, we wanted to highlight the ways in which Mercedes-Benz has contributed to a greener Earth and continuously strives for cleaner energy and better fuel efficiency.

Plug In Hybrid 990x500

Long before it became front-page news, Mercedes-Benz has been innovating and implementing new ways to help minimize the impact of cars and trucks on the world we share. It’s a promise that’s been kept for generations, and not just with cleaner, more efficient power under the hood. It starts well before a Mercedes-Benz travels its first mile, and extends beyond its long and reliable lifespan. And like every aspect of Mercedes-Benz innovation, it sets the stage for the mobility, and the world, everyone will enjoy tomorrow.

BlueTEC® Clean Diesel
The original alternative fuel. Reinvented for tomorrow.
Imagine a fuel that produces fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline, is widely available, and returns both greater fuel economy and higher torque power. Presenting BlueTEC®: simply the world’s cleanest and most advanced diesel. We invented the first diesel car in 1936, and since then we’ve been constantly refining and mastering the technology, now available in five different Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® models in all 50 states.
Available for E-Class, GLS, GLE

Plug-In Hybrid
Far-reaching benefits. Immediate rewards.
Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid vehicles offer the unique benefit of both high fuel efficiency and high performance. Inspiration—and technology—comes directly from our championship-winning F1 racing team because it is constantly innovating to build faster, lighter, and more efficient cars. And our lineup of no-compromise plug-in hybrids is growing rapidly, with all with the safety, luxury and performance leadership you expect from Mercedes-Benz.

Flexible Fuel Vehicles
Adaptable. Renewable.
A Mercedes-Benz Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) gives you a choice in fuels whenever you pull up to the pump. You can use gasoline or, without a single adjustment to the car, fill it up with E85 Ethanol, a widely available fuel that’s 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethyl alcohol (ethanol). Derived from corn and other grains, ethanol is a locally produced, renewable resource that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70 percent.
Available for CLA, E, GLE

Electric Vehicles
Leading the charge in emissions-free driving.
In 1906 several Mercedes-Benz cars, trucks and fire service vehicles became available with battery-electric propulsion. Since then we’ve been relentlessly refining the technology, and it’s now the heart and soul of the all-electric B-Class Electric Drive.

Clear Commitment
Earth-friendly. Before it was trendy.
For generations, Mercedes-Benz has been breaking new ground to help preserve the earth for future generations. We introduced the first 100-percent CFC-free car and the first low-emissions SUV. We’ve been recognized for our award-winning factories and processes. And we’ve helped to develop local infrastructures around the world that will bring a greener tomorrow to life. It’s a multi-faceted approach to advance the quest for sustainable mobility while leading the way in safety, luxury and performance.

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