New Activities in the Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land Precision Center at the FBCDC

February 17th, 2017 by

Some exciting updates have recently been added to the Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land Precision Center inside the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center with plans for even more additions in the future.

The new experience for visitors to enjoy is when working as “mechanics” in the Precision Center they are able to review notes about why the car owner brought his or her vehicle in for service. The mechanic will then read recommendations for how they might diagnose the issue and experiment with hands-on components to solve the problem and gain a better understanding of the mechanics of how a particular part of the vehicle functions.

So far visitors can learn about how pistons works, what the purpose of a serpentine belt and about the various parts through which it is routed, as well as the mechanisms that connect the steering wheel to the road wheels of the car. Each category is rotated biweekly, so returning visitors can experience a new set of problems to solve and continue to further the mechanics of a vehicle.

Next time you visit the FBCDC make sure to take pictures while inspecting the vehicle and tag us. We’d love to see the future Mercedes-Benz technicians at work!

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