Teen Driving School with Clements High School

December 18th, 2019 by


Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land opened the exclusive Teen Driving School to students of Clements High School. Kory Enders, professional race car driver, brand ambassador, and Clements alumni, assisted in bridging the gap between our worlds. Combined, $10,000 was donated from both parties to offer this experience complimentary to Clements students.


Kory Enders, who has been racing professionally since graduating from Clements High School, has long wanted to find ways to pour back into his school and the Sugar Land community. “I think (being from Clements) helps me connect with the students a lot, and they have something to strive for in the sense that there is something out there after high school,” he said. “To see them in the same position I was in a couple short years ago and having so much fun learning is really enlightening. You have to engage them somehow, and I think the best way to do that is by putting them with a group of their peers altogether, being spectated while doing the same thing with someone who knows what they’re doing beside them in the whole process.”


Read more about the full Teen Driving School experience and what the students had to say here.

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