The ON & OFF-Road Package

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ON & OFF-Road PackageThe ON & OFF-ROAD package, available in the GL-Class SUV and GLE SUV, gives the driver greater control over the vehicle’s handling – both on the road and for off-road driving. Using the transmission mode switch the driver can choose different pre-set transmission modes for various road characteristics.

Depending on the transmission mode the characteristics of ESP®, 4ETS®, transmission, suspension, engine, steering and also ASR are adapted. 100% differential locks on the centre differential provide traction and performance when they are needed.

ESP® – identifies driving situations approaching critical road-holding limits such as evasive manoeuvres and helps the driver to stabilize the vehicle by braking individual wheels and adjusting the engine output accordingly.

4ETS® – 4-wheel Electronic Traction System is able to get the vehicle moving even if only one wheel has grip. There are sensors at each wheel that monitor the traction – if one or more wheels starts to slip 4ETS® brakes those wheels individually and ensures that power is delivered to the wheel(s) with traction.

ON & OFF-Road Package

In addition other functions such as a LOW-RANGE ratio or the manual mode for the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission can be switched on.

LOW-RANGE Ratio – In difficult terrain or steep inclines, a high level of torque is needed at lower speeds the Low-Range Ratio button allows you to drive slowly but maintain power. This feature also enables the G-Class, GL-Class, and GLE SUVs to have maximum traction and the ability to cope with up to 80% gradient inclines. The effectivness of the engine brake is more than double which facilitates a slow, controlled descent as well.

7G-TRONIC PLUS Automatic Transmission – The 7-speed automatic transmission transfers engine power to the road with even greater ease and boasts a winning combination of smoother gear-shifting, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

ON & OFF-Road Package

On the COMAND® display the effects of the transmission modes and the gradient and incline angle are clearly displayed. A robust underguard beneath the engine and reinforced underbody panelling can help reduce damage to the vehicle during tough off-road use.

The following transmission modes can be selected:

• AUTO: all systems in standard mode.
• Offroad 1 (sand, light terrain): raised ESP®/ETS thresholds, off-road ABS, air suspension level 1, comfortable damping, shallow accelerator pedal characteristic curve, optimised transmission shift points.
• Offroad 2 (rough terrain): raised ESP® thresholds, 4ETS® sensitive thresholds, air suspension level 2, comfortable damping, shallow accelerator pedal characteristic curve, optimised transmission shift points, DSR activated, lock closed.
• Sport: air suspension level: Sport, sport damping, steep accelerator pedal characteristic curve, optimised transmission functions, dynamic block activation, sporty steering characteristic curve.
• Snow: ESP®/ETS for operation with snow chains and optimised stability in bends, optimised transmission shift modes.
• Trailer: optimized transmission shift modes and locking function.

ON & OFF-Road Package

*Not available for the GLE Coupe

ON & OFF-Road Package

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