Which Mercedes-Benz fits your Father’s personality type?

June 16th, 2016 by

In honor of Fathers’ Day this Sunday, we’re wondering – which vehicle matches your Father’s personality? From overprotective, workaholic, outdoorsy, or even quirky, we’ve picked the vehicle that fits him best!


Does your Dad constantly worry about safety? From the early days of riding bikes to your first solo drive at 16, was Dad constantly reminding you to “wear a helmet” and “buckle your seatbelt”? Then your Dad is a match for the GLE SUV. Safety is the top priority in all vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, but the GLE is among the safest vehicles available on the market, not to mention, there’s ample cargo space for weekend family road trips and Dad can rest assured the whole family is in a vehicle of the highest safety standards.


Forever Young

If your Dad is always reminiscing about the glory days of high school football and longs for the good ol’ days of driving around in a little red sports car, the AMG® GT S is a match for him. With an engine roar loud enough to wake the neighbors, and top speeds to impress, the AMG® GT S Coupe is the ultimate sports car of this Dad’s dreams.

AMG GTS 1400


This Dad is busy with work and always driven to provide the best for his family. That being said, this Dad’s Mercedes-Benz match-made-in-heaven would be an S-Class sedan. A true classic that is perfect for chauffeuring Dad’s important clients to and from business lunches or meetings.

S-Class Resized


Hiking, grilling, climbing trees, mudding, football, off-roading … sound familiar? This Dad’s soulmate vehicle is the G-Wagon. Not for the faint of heart, the G-Wagon is made to conquer challenges no matter where it is or what type of surface it’s on – sorta like Dad. A perfect vehicle for off-roading, mudding, or joy-riding down remote trails.

G-Wagon resized


Is your Dad more “in the know” than you are? Always on top of the latest and greatest technology products? AND he knows how to use them? Then, your dad is a match for the 2017 E-Class Sedan (which he probably already knows all about). The 2017 E-Class is the most intelligent sedan of its class and the most technologically advanced sedan of all time with features such as Car-to-X Communication, DRIVE PILOT, steering wheel Touch Control Buttons, and much more.

E-Class 1400


Constant Dad jokes? A little unconventional? Kinda goofy? And totally awesome? This Dad’s personality fits the versatile, fun, and unconventional look and feel of the GLA SUV.

GLA Suv 1400


The ex-baseball/football/basketball player or die-hard sports-enthusiast Dad who has a competitive edge (and is likely an avid participator in Fantasy Football or March Madness) is an easy match for the CLS 63 S Coupe. With 577 HP and 590 lb-ft of torque a Dad with an appreciation for athletic performance would be sure to appreciate the muscle behind this AMG® Coupe.

CLS 63 1400

Comment below with the Mercedes-Benz that fits your Dad!

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